Almond-Eyed Ringlet

Erebia alberganus


Switzerland, July 2010

Prey to a spider, Switzerland, June 2011

Switzerland, June 2007

Switzerland, June 2007

Switzerland, June 2007

This butterfly is common in parts of the Alps but absent from others - so that until a few years ago I had not seen it. Since then I have become quite familiar with it.

It is variable in size and can appear quite small, but is always easily identified by the almond-shaped spots. In fact, this shape does appear on other ringlets, notably Piedmont and woodland ringlets, but in these other species they are not clearly separated on both wings as they are on almond-eyed.

Ringlets are an interesting group because they seem impossible to distinguish one from another at first, then with experience they become quite distinct. I am glad to have gained knowledge of this species and hope to further it in future years.