Foulquier's Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus bellieri


Male, Spain, July 2011

Mating pair, male on right, Spain, July 2011

Undersides of same mating pair, this time with the male on the left, showing the tuft of abdominal hairs

This species, which used to be known as Pyrgus foulquieri, is similar to the large grizzled skipper but scarcer and much more local. It flies mostly in mountainous regions in the South of France and northern Spain.

The male has very hairy bases to the forewings and a particularly tufty abdominal tip, shown in the pictures above. But large grizzled skippers, when fresh, also have a fluffy tip - just not quite so conspicuous! The upperside markings are more complete than in the large grizzled skipper, and stronger (although large grizzled skippers may have strong markings in Spain and Italy). The underside is a yellowish brown colour.

The males and females are quite similar.