Large White

Pieris brassicae


Female, Switzerland, September 2006

Female, Gibraltar, February 2007

Male, Gibraltar, February 2007

Female, June 2005, Switzerland

The same female

Val d'Aran, July 2002

Suffolk, July 2002 (the male is on the right)

For ages, a stray picture of a small white lurked undetected on this page. A visitor to the site pointed it out and I discovered to my horror I had no picture of large white at all. So I've started remedying the situation and finally have a few good uppersides of the butterfly.

Large whites are common butterflies all over Europe though they are migrants and their populations may vary dramatically from year to year. They are regarded as pests of cabbage plantations but frankly I think we should learn to share. Summer without cabbage whites would not be the same.