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This is a collaborative work by Chris Manley (Lepidapp Ltd., UK), Matt Rowlings, Peter Eeles and myself, intended as a complete guide to the butterflies of Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic Islands (the Canaries, Madeira and the Azores). Including about 2500 photographs of butterflies in nature, as well as distribution maps, annotated diagrams, brief notes, links to similar species and more, it means you no longer need to carry a heavy field guide with you on your butterfly excursions in Europe. There is space within the app to record the species you have seen and make your own notes.

This first version (February 2012) is optimised for iPhone but works equally on iPod and iPad and the images are at high resolution so they display perfectly on the iPad.

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We welcome any feedback or corrigenda. These will be incorporated, where desirable, into later versions of the app (which will, of course, be distributed free to owners of the app). Please e-mail me at guy@guypadfield.com with suggestions for improvement. In the meantime, I will list any important errata discovered below.

Guy Padfield