Marsh Fritillary
Euphydryas aurinia


Euphydryas aurinia debilis

Male, form debilis, Switzerland, July 2013

Euphydryas aurinia debilis

Female, form debilis, Switzerland, July 2012

Euphydryas aurinia debilis

Form debilis, aberrant individual, Switzerland, August 2013

Euphydryas aurinia debilis

Mating pair, debilis, Switzerland, July 2011

Switzerland, May 2005

Switzerland, May 2007

Switzerland, May 2007

Form debilis, Switzerland, June 2007

Variety lacking postdiscal spots on the hindwing, Switzerland, June 2007


Euphydryas aurinia caterpillar

Caterpillar, Switzerland, July 2012

In Switzerland, the high alpine form debilis is common on almost all high mountains. The lower, nominate form is much scarcer, though there do seem to be transitional forms at intermediate altitudes.

The hindwing spots serve to separate all forms of this species from the Asian fritillary, Euphydryas intermedia, and the butterfly is smaller and more variegated than the female Cynthia's fritillary, Euphydryas cynthia, with which it often flies.