Mazarine Blue

Cyaniris semiargus


Polyommatus semiargus

Male, Switzerland, August 2014

Polyommatus semiargus

Female, Switzerland, July 2014

Polyommatus semiargus

Male, on right, with little blues, Switzerland, July 2013

Mating Pair, Switzerland, June 2005

Female, Switzerland, June 2005

Male, Switzerland, June 2005

Switzerland, 2004

Female, Switzerland, June 2005

Switzerland, a long, long time ago ...

The male mazarine blue is unmistakable with his lead blue upperside and broadish wing borders. In both sexes the underside is also characteristic, being like an oversized little blue, lacking the orange markings found on so many blues.

The species is common throughout much of Europe, though absent from Britain. In Switzerland you may bump into a mazarine blue on almost any patch of grassland or roadside verge from May onwards - sometimes earlier.