Tufted Marbled Skipper

Carcharodus flocciferus


Male, June 2005, Switzerland

Same male, defending his territory proudly...

Male, June 2006, Switzerland

Male, June 2006, Switzerland

Val d'Aran, July 2008

Switzerland, June 2008

Near where I live in Switzerland the tufted marbled skipper is reasonably common in unimproved grassland with flowers. The males have a characteristic habit of perching on flower heads or grass heads watching their territory and not infrequently buzzing off to defend it against intruders... The species is similar to the marbled skipper and the mallow skipper, but neither of these shares quite the same behaviour. Marbled is also rather brighter - often yellowish - and mallow is a duller ground lover with subtly different markings (particularly the white markings on the forewings, which are narrower).