Wood White

Leptidea sinapis


Switzerland, May 2013 - I believe it is a male on the left and a female on the right.

Switzerland, May 2013

Switzerland, April 2009

Switzerland, July 2009

Switzerland, April 2007

Wood whites have a touching courtship ceremony, during which the male repeatedly flicks his proboscis at the female.

A video of this same behaviour can be found HERE.

The ritual ultimately leads to one of these being produced!

May 2005, Switzerland

May 2005, Switzerland

Val d'Aran, July 2003

The wood white is common throughout most of Europe, though scarce and local in England. It is readily separable from all other whites except Réal's wood white by its shape and small size, the rather square apical mark and above all by its extremely delicate appearance and weak flight. It flies along grassy woodland rides, rich in flowers, and in meadows bordering woodland.

The species has a remarkable courtship ritual, illustrated in some of the pictures above and in the video here, where the male flicks his proboscis to either side of the female.