Canary Lulworth Skipper
Thymelicus christi


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La Palma, March 2001

Thymelicus christi distribution


My single photo of this species is a frame from a video I took in La Palma in 2001, believing it to be a Lulworth skipper. I even allowed it to lurk for years on my Lulworth skipper page, with a misleading caption stating I photographed it in Spain! Since then I have learnt that Lulworth skippers in the Canaries are distinct from their cousins on the mainland of Europe and regret not taking more photographs.

The picture shows a female but males also have a distinct pale crescent on the forewing, unlike male Lulworth skippers, in which the crescent is obscure. In other respects, this species closely resembles the Lulworth skipper.

Unlike the Lulworth skipper, which is monovoltine, the Canary Lulworth skipper flies in three broods from February through to late September.