Furry blue
Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) dolus


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Male, Provence, July 2004

Polyommatus dolus distribution


The furry blue flies in two distinct subspecies, one in the South of France (vittatus) and one in Italy (virgilius). These are sometimes treated as distinct species. I have only seen the species once, in the South of France in 2004, and then only a few individuals. The pictures above are all frames from video I took on that occasion.

The upperside of the male is very similar to that of Forster's furry blue, Polyommatus fulgens, of which I have many more photos. There is no risk of confusing these two butterflies, however, as all the Spanish populations once considered dolus are now considered to be fulgens. The female, too, is very similar from the upperside. The underside, however, generally has a much weaker white stripe than in Forster's furry blue. Like Forster's furry blue this is a species of hot, dry, flowery scrub, often near cultivated places. The larval foodplant is sainfoin. The butterfly flies in a single brood in July and August.