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This site exists because I have a passion for butterflies. I now live in the Swiss Alps, but the passion began in Suffolk, in the UK, which was, in times past, a rich hunting ground for butterfly collectors. Times have changed. In my lifetime the heathlands and hedgerows of Suffolk have been steadily reclaimed and the countryside described by the writers of old has become more and more inhospitable to butterflies. There are some success stories - the white admiral has returned, and the brown argus and speckled wood have moved east again from their strongholds in the west of the county. Suffolk is still a beautiful county but all in all the story has been a sad one, and one repeated all over the country.

Many individuals and bodies fight for the preservation of habitats in Suffolk and everywhere there are still habitats to preserve. But there is only real hope if the value of what remains is generally recognised - if ordinary people gain pleasure from taking time in the wild and resisting the temptation to let it be replaced with the tame. It is not enough realised how almost every act of taming threatens the species which have evolved to survive in an interlocking web of copses, hedgerows, heathlands and wetlands. Every road that increases our access to the countryside divides and conquers the land it crosses. Every prairie farm is tippex on the ecological map. Every bit of crafted landscaping has a sinister, hollow ring beside the wilderness it replaces.

Finding, identifying and watching butterflies is an enthralling hobby. Anyone can become an expert on their own patch in a summer. If you haven't done so already, buy a book and get out there ! When you find what is there, protect it, so generations to come will be able to gain the same pleasure.

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