Silver-Studded Blue - Plebejus argus


The silver-studded blue is widespread and common in most of Europe. In the UK it is threatened, however, since so much of its heathland habitat is being turned over to commercial use. This has been especially so in the south-east, where the sandling heaths of East Anglia have been under great pressure. Picture 1 shows a male silver-studded blue in Suffolk. You can see clearly the characteristic white fringe. Picture 2 is a typical female at the same locality. Picture 3 is of a more unusual female, also in Suffolk, with clustered underside markings and a band of blue spots on the upperside of the hindwing. There was also a turquoise sheen visible on the upperside at certain angles. Picture 4 is a typical male Swiss specimen and picture 5 a female from Switzerland. Picture 6 shows the 'silver studs' often visible on the underside - but not always (picture 7).